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What is Raw Beauty to you? Our upcoming June issue is our No Makeup - Raw Beauty issue, featuring every photo-shoot without makeup. The heart of the issue is to capture and illustrate God's natural beauty in a woman and share this issue with the world through our platform of print and digital media. 

We want to feature your testimonies, journeys and articles of faith on this topic, Raw Beauty. We are looking for men's perspectives on what Raw Beauty in a woman means to them in the sight of God and we are looking for women's perspectives on what Raw Beauty means to them as a woman. 

So often women are objectified by their appearance through media and it's our mission with this issue to speak life into God's raw beauty through the voices of women and men as well. 

In 700 words or less, what does Raw Beauty mean to you and what would you want to tell others about it? 

If you would like to submit an article for publishing selection, please email your written piece to by May 18th with "Raw Beauty Submission" in the subject line. 

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