10 Reasons To Advertise With Angelic Magazine

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1. Angelic is the only magazine of its kind. Blending Jesus, Music and Fashion, since 2014 we've amassed over 200,000 reads to our print & digital issues. Readers are excited about our content and our movement. We anticipate doubling our readership in 2015. Angelic will become the premiere magazine in the faith, music, fashion and pop culture realm. All those eyeballs mean plenty of exposure for your ads.

2. Angelic offers a targeted audience. Our advertisers are able to reach and target a specific group of people based on age and personal interests directly in their region, community and regions across the United States. According to Faithnomics, the Christian consumer in the US spends over 2 Trillion dollars each year. Angelic is read by this demographic. 

3. You can increase your income and social media following. Our digital version of our monthly issues take readers from across the United States straight to their computers and cell phones. This allows your business to interact directly with your customers by the click of a button directing them to your website, enabling you to build loyalty and brand image.

4. Tell your message. Your advertisement can also be used as a platform to state your purpose, promote new products or ad campaigns. Updates on new product launches keep your customers more informed and up-to-date on what products or services you offer.

5. Angelic Ads are flexible. Compared to other magazines, Angelic offers no character length for ad descriptions. The ability to create unrestricted text and image-based ads gives you the full flexibility to showcase your brand to your customers as you see fit.

6. Angelic readers offer heightened audience engagement. Angelic readers visit our website and social media accounts daily to consume our content because they trust our brand. Companies who advertise inside our magazine are given our stamp of approval to our loyal readers enabling credibility to your company.

7. Angelic facilitates multiple ad views. Your ad has a better chance of getting noticed or having a positive effect when seen multiple times. A high number of Angelic readers share our digital version online for their social media following to view. Those featured in the monthly issues are nearly guaranteed to re-share our digital issue to all of their social media followers to view, giving your advertisement a daily stream of viewership

8. Choose a flexible pay structures. Angelic allows advertisers to purchase ad space on a month to month or extended monthly basis. This allows you to tailor your ad campaign based on budget and other preferences.

9. Advertising in Angelic can be inexpensive. Thanks to the business plan of Angelic advertising, your marketing campaign can reach your target market for a very affordable price. Range of packages for advertising and marketing campaigns allow you to reach all of our readers as your budget allows.

10. Ability to reach smartphone users. Angelic is accessed via smartphones worldwide every single day. This means advertisers not only have the ability to reach people on their computers, but also people out in the world as well.

Bonus. Take your business and brand global. Angelic reaches a demographic of readers to our digital issues each month in Europe, S. America, Africa, Asia and Australia. You will be reaching your customers in your region of the United States, as well as from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and beyond. 

Reach the world with us. 


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