This Is No Bumper Sticker Kind of Thing

Featured in the October 2019 Issue of Angelic

By Whitney Hancock

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Hope answers to no one but Love. Call on her for a sudden answer

like any good bumper sticker,

I could have told you a thousand different ways;

“hope is the anchor.”

(to my ship that’s already sinking?)

“hold onto hope.”

(you’re right, it’ll probably all be okay.)

“Those who hope in the Lord…”

(I am one of those people, right?)

maybe it’s because I’m not ready

maybe it’s because I’m being prepared

maybe it’s because the timing isn’t right

I could have told you it’s going to help.

you’ll get through it if you just hold onto…

but this isn’t a bumper sticker kind of thing.

this place in your soul


carved out in bone-chilling silence

pins dropping

heart heavy, pounding

drenched in humiliating tears

they called me ‘misses bright side’

I had done war with negativity

It was the silver-lining every time.

rose colored everything I'd see.

but she knows the darkness intimately, Hope.

she’s warred with superficial success.

long ago

she staked her claim.

when no one was looking,

she weighed every option




Hope answers to no one but Love.

Call on her for a sudden answer,

she won’t reply.

Demand from her quick results,

you’ll hear silence.

She’s deliberated.

whether elation and pride,

or heartbreak and strife,

her ‘Yes' birthed from an honest heart.

she chose this,

and she chose it with her eyes opened wide.

this is a song that comes from the deep.

it’s no bumper sticker kind of thing.

and when you hear from her,

it’ll be when she sings.

she’ll sing sweetly the tune

without the words

and she’ll never stop at all.

Jesse AnayaComment