Magazine Orders

Each magazine order is processed directly to our print manufacturer. Upon processing and print manufacturing, orders will be shipped and mailed out, and you should expect to receive your order in 7-14 business days

In special instances their may be printing/shipping delays and we work diligently on having your order reach you promptly. 

How are the cost of the magazines devised? 

As an independent magazine we don't mass produce our mag, rather, we process each order directly to our supplier and the supplier charges us the cost to print, produce and ship each individual order.

Magazine printing works like this: The more mags you order per shipment, the cheaper the overall cost will be per individual mag. In order to make our magazines $5 or so we would have to place an order of $20k worth of mags per month. Magazine printing is very expensive in the age of digital so we only print the individual orders we receive. 

Can I get a refund on my order? 

As soon as you submit and pay for your order, your ordered is processed and sent to our print manufacturer so we are not able to issue refunds. 

What does the shipping cost go towards? 

Shipping covers the cost of postage and materials to ship your order. 

Where else can I find print copies of Angelic?

Our mag can be ordered online through our website and it is our goal to have Angelic be mass produced and found in places across America. Pray about that with us. 

Are you a magazine or a ministry?

We have a magazine name but we are a ministry that seeks to stand boldly for Jesus.