Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

By Jesse Anaya

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Article featured in the October 2019 Issue

Though I acknowledge the mayhem of Halloween, as followers of Christ we can take back the night to glorify and worship our God.

I wore a long sleeve thermal underneath my button up yesterday as the morning was brisk. The weather has left summer and all around me I notice the leaves have begun to fall. Autumn is here, and Halloween night is on the horizon.

My older brother, who we'll call Fun Eddie, told me the other day he wouldn't be taking his little girl trick or treating this year. He said he didn't feel good about celebrating a holiday that wasn't of God.

In his prime, single Eddie, aka Fun Eddie used to live for nights like Halloween. Like many adults, Halloween was a night for my big brother to party. Alcohol, late nights, girls in skimpy costumes. Nothing about this version of the night says, “I'm worshiping Jesus.”

As my conversation with my brother about Halloween took place, I began to wonder if I would take my children trick-or-treating the day I become a father? And my immediate response to myself was, yes, absolutely. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

This is an opinion – so you may completely disagree and this is the point of this article, it's an opinion, not gospel or a piece written from fact.

When I was in the sixth grade I wore my brothers sailor uniform for Halloween. My brother Eddie is twelve years older than me and he was in the Navy during that time of my life.

I wore an authentic US Navy uniform hemmed and fitted for a sixth grader on Halloween, the sailor hat and all, and its my most favorite costume that I've ever worn. Everyone stopped and stared, and asked if it was real? And I proudly said yes, “It's my big brother's.”

My memories of Halloween are filled with chilly weather, fun costumes that my mom helped me to get ready in, going trick-or-treating with my four older siblings, excited to get as much candy as possible and my parents wading in the background as we tricked or treated from house to house. Halloween wasn't about debauchery for me, it was about spending time with my family.

As an adult I don't celebrate my Halloween's with alcohol or going out trying to meet girls as most non-married guys do. I don't celebrate Halloween to celebrate the dead and I don't celebrate Halloween as a night to worship the devil.

Though I acknowledge the mayhem of Halloween, as followers of Christ we can take back the night to glorify and worship our God.

Nothing is more beautiful than a family spending time together. That is worship.

The pure joy of seeing a child's face light up because their neighbor down the street freely gave away chocolate to them is community. This is worship.

Take a way the whole costume thing and just view neighbors extending love and communication to one another. A community invested in opening their doors with a smile and a hello. Families spending time together by making an effort to actually be together and participate in memory making moments. Where sin increases, we must increase our faith all the more.

When the enemy makes a night about evil, as followers of Christ we must make the night about God. Candy and costumes are not evil, it's our individual intent behind the costumes and candy that point us to sin or to God.

According to the History Channel's website, “Celts believed (on Halloween) the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.”

I believe it's a heart issue. One may feel conflicted about celebrating a night where it is believed ghosts returned to earth and that is perfectly acceptable. One may feel inspired to celebrate the night making a concerted effort to bring God into the night. And one may seek to use the night as an opportunity to dress up and intertwine themselves with alcohol and mayhem.

What it comes down to is our heart. Do you feel good about what you are doing with your Halloween celebration? If Jesus was to return in the rapture the night of Halloween, would He know that you are a follower of His?