Angie Lang

Magazine Writer


Hometown: Avonmore, ON, Canada

City Living: Toronto, ON, Canada


Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 34:8

Secret addiction: This is embarrassing -- watching Dr. Pimplepopper’s videos on Instagram.

Ideal meal: Rich, creamy, homemade pasta alfredo.

Hidden talent: I can do an excellent turkey gobble.

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I think I’d be happy to sit in His presence under the stars and a full moon.

Silent dream: For a long time I’ve always dreamed of having a coffee shop that’s a community space where local artists share their work there, classes happen, and people find it more of a home than anything else.


Magazine Writer


Hometown: Demopolis, AL

City Living: Atlanta, GA


Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 119:71-72

Secret addiction: Pop culture trivia

Ideal meal: ALL the seafood ever 

Hidden talent: Parallel parking & photographic memory

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I would just want to hold his hand and talk with him for hours... I would definitely ask him to tell me all about how my dad is and what he is up to back at the Kingdom.

Silent dream: Do research for and put on supernatural medical healing conferences for cancer; develop and manage holistic care plans for cancer patients that includes a strong yet silent biblical foundation that will yield encounters of Jesus to believers and non-believers.

Emily Senff

Magazine Writer


Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

City living: New Westminster, BC, Canada


Favorite Bible verse: 2 Timothy 1:7

Secret addiction: I buy fresh-cut flowers almost every week, just because. 

Ideal meal: Brunch! Bonus points if it has avocado. 

Hidden talent: Car-dancing. 

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? We would definitely get some good coffee, and probably go for a nice walk and talk by the ocean. 

Silent dream: One day, I would LOVE to travel across the globe and tell the stories of the people I meet along the way. 




Hometown: Templeton, CA

City living: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:2


Secret addiction: Secretly addicted to the TV show "This Is Us" on NBC.

Ideal meal: Eating homemade Mexican food with close friends and family. 

Hidden talent: Building furniture out of reclaimed wood.

If you could hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I would love to play basketball and shoot baskets with Him. 

Silent dream: To take a crew of musician friends and singer-songwriters, and do a music tour all through Europe.

Jonny Gorash

Magazine Writer 


Hometown: Tacoma, WA

City Living: Lexington, KY


Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:15

Secret addiction: Super Smash Bros.

Ideal meal: Lyle's BBQ Company (Lex, KY): Pulled pork sandwich on a potato bun lathered, dipped, and bathed in barbecue sauce with a side of salt and pepper fries and smoked mac and cheese. I could cry.

Hidden talent: Losing my wallet/locking my keys in my car.

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? Brew several gallons of tea and sit down for a lengthy fireside Q&A.

Silent dream: To explore space and see all of creation outside of our little stone.


Magazine Writer


Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

City living: Waxahachie TX


Secret addiction: I could watch Fixer Upper reruns all day. 

Ideal meal: I love anything spicy. I could live off of really good salsa and tortilla chips.

Hidden talent: I'm not sure if being an animal lover constitutes as a hidden talent, but I foster litters of puppies on the regular and have a ton of patience for them and have had up to 5 dogs in my house at once. 

If you could hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I would have Jesus give me a tour of the holy land and tell me His life from His perspective. 

Silent dream: To have lifestyle store and a lifestyle ministry to glorify God and unite women across the globe.


Magazine Writer 


Hometown: Brandenburg, KY

Current Living: Mount Sterling, KY

Favorite Bible Verse: James 1:17

Secret addiction: Talking to my dog in ridiculous voices with ridiculous phrases. “Who is the best baby ever?!”

Ideal meal: I love food too much to narrow it down to one specific meal, but ideally it would be with my husband, and in large quantities.

Hidden talent: I love to bake. I usually end up giving most of what I bake away so I don’t eat it all.

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I would love to serve alongside Jesus in any capacity; to see how He loves His children first hand.

Silent dream: To be a foster mom and adopt children when the time is right.

Michelle Coppini

Magazine Writer


Hometown: San Jose, CA

City Living: Clovis, NM


Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 62

Secret addiction: I’m a nerd at heart and love to live in the dream world of books.

Ideal meal: Under the open sky with the sound of laughter from family and friends, a small fire in the middle, a fabulous charcuterie board and a smooth glass of red blend wine. There may be some chocolate in there too.

Hidden talent: I’m fairly decent at  accents (specifically English) and may or may not be speaking in one at this very moment.

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do?: As long as conversation was possible I wouldn’t care what we did but in all seriousness it might be amazingly fun to enter a lip sync battle with him as your partner.

Silent dream: To write a book or maybe two.

Shelia Hail 

Magazine Writer


 Hometown: Chilcoot, CA

City Living: Pearland, TX


Favorite Bible Verse: Zephaniah 3:17

Secret addiction: Binge watching Disney animated movies.

Ideal meal: Caprese salad, Pho & Spring rolls and gelato.

Hidden talent: I'm a really good personal shopper.

If you were to hang out with Jesus, what would you do? I would dance with him. Our father daughter dance.

Silent dream: To be a recording artist.