Build The Church


What is The church? 

Our ministry was created to stand boldy for Jesus. 

The next step for our ministry is to plant a church. A place where we can all experience Jesus together - where community, love and worship are the tenants of this church body. 

The name of this church is simply going to be called "The Church". No brand, no marketing name or scheme, but the simplicity of uniting together for Jesus. 

It is our purpose to step outside of our magazine pages, social and digital media, and link direct arms with a community -- and invite the world to link arms with us. 

We reach thousands of readers across the country and beyond through our magazine and we intend to invite the world to connect arms with us a church body.

Angelic Magazine will be a ministry of this church and it is our vision to connect with other outreaches and ministries as we all are unified for one purpose: to stand boldly for Jesus. 

In God's power our prayer is to have this church launched on August 26th, 2017 in Lexington, KY.